Jessica Jung a beautiful girl who taught us that you cant judge someone by first glance you have to get to know them to see what’s on the inside. SNSD’s Ice Princess. A girl with a passion for singing and fashion a girl who wanted to both. A girl who loved SNSD and the members who put forth her best effort and worked as hard as she could to get where she is today. Jessica Jung is an amazing person who doesn’t deserve to be kicked out of Girls Generation when she gave it everything she gave up her childhood to train and she work hard for it but know after all the amazing years and songs and performances she has given to SM and SNSD she has been dropped from SNSD not because of the girls they had nothing to do with it from what I hear but because of conflict of interest. It’s not fair to her and you would think SM would learn after everything that happened with Kris. SM you need to get things straight and fix this. And Jessica we support you no matter what you do. SNSD stay strong and stay nine the Sone’s love you


140930 - 30th of September-  It’s been a chaotic morning for fans as they eagerly await some sort of explanation regarding the post made on Jessica's Weibo that revealed she may have been 'pushed out' from the group.

Since Girls’ Generation has a fan signing event later today in China, reporters gathered to see whether Jessica was among the members. However, it’s been reported that only 8 members were present at the airport, further raising alarm as fans await clarification. With SM Entertainment remaining silent about the matter at the moment, their stocks also suffered a 3.44% drop this morning compared to yesterday.